Coastal Communities of Cartagena Bay: Case Study

Coastal Communities of Cartagena Bay: Case Study

IMG 5 Coastal Communities of Cartagena Bay: Case Study

During the week of August 22-25, researchers from the EAFIT University conducted a series of interviews with people from the coastal communities of Cartagena, Colombia, as input for a case study of the STOREM project.

Coastal water pollution in Cartagena Bay is a serious problem impacting the ecosystem, economy and health of fisherman communities.

Traditionally, coastal communities have relied on artisanal fishing as their main economic activity, but due to pollution, fishery degradation, and increased tourism, these communities are changing their economic activities to focus more on beach tourism.

By transmitting scientific research results to Cartagena’s stakeholders, the project has succeeded in creating public consciousness and supporting policy development.

But now it’s more important than ever to continue the conversation about these issues to ensure that the bay’s new restoration plan has a positive impact on the marine environment and the people that depend on it.



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