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Universidad del Magdalena (COLOMBIA)

The University of Magdalena is a public Higher Education Institution located in the Caribbean coastal city of Santa Marta, Colombia. The institution has a focus on providing education to low-income students, which constitute about 90% of its enrolled population, including many refugees and ethnic minorities, from all over Colombia’s Caribbean Region. UniMagdalena offers an undergraduate degree in Hotel and Tourism Business Administration, a program deeply intertwined with the regional tourism industry, and works in the development of the Entrepreneurship Network of Magdalena, together with Colombia’s Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism. In the STOREM Project, a new Master’s program in Sustainable Tourism is being developed at UniMagdalena, along with new curricula and the related teaching environment. Promotional campaigns for the new program will encourage student enrollment with a focus on targeting vulnerable populations, such as internally displaced populations and ethnic minorities for the new developed curricula. UniMagdalena also leads the project’s Work Package for Quality Assurance.

Meet the team at Universidad del Magdalena
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