The Observatories for Sustainable Tourism and Environmental Protection (O-STEPs) respond to the need to strengthen the new STOREM Master curricula with territorial data analysis, as well as promoting the dialogue with civil society and stakeholders for local territorial development. The O-STEPS collect data on varied indicators collected by project partners in Colombia, Costa Rica and Barbados through an approach directed towards tourism sustainability with a holistic perspective, particularly in coastal marine areas in the Caribbean region. These observatories help to support public administrations, stakeholders and civil society organizations on local environmental and socio-economic emerging issues.

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Cartagena Bay Observatory

The Cartagena Bay Observatory provides real-time data on the water and sediment conditions in Cartagena Bay, Colombia. As the country’s principal touristic destination, Cartagena’s coastal zone depends on adequate water quality, including suspended sediment concentration which presents a risk to coral reef ecosystems and sustainable beach tourism. By providing real-time data in an online public platform, the Cartagena Bay Observatory provides environmental managers, the tourism sector and local communities with the ability to monitor the conditions of this important water body connected to the health of marine ecosystems and beach quality in the region.

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Sustainable Tourism Observatory Unimagdalena

The Sustainable Tourism Observatory of the University of Magdalena is a collaborative space, which seeks to share the research and creations of students, teachers and members of the community in general in the field of sustainable, community and rural tourism in the department of Magdalena. It houses the first research that evaluates the social and cultural impact of tourism in the city of Santa Marta. Likewise, it compiles the good practices of the universities participating in the STOREM project, thus consolidating itself as a first meeting place for the exchange of knowledge in tourism sustainability.

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