General Objective

To implement new Master’s curricula in 5 higher education institutions in the Latin American and Caribbean region (Barbados, Colombia, Costa Rica) in the field of sustainable tourism and environmental management.

Specific Objectives

  • To design and develop two new Master’s degree curricula and a set of new courses in cooperation with higher education institutions in partner countries.
  • To develop a model of interaction between higher education institutions and private and public actors.
  • To establish Observatories on Sustainable Tourism and Environmental Protection at higher education institutions in partner countries, which will be used for teaching, research, policy evaluation and in order to keep high the level of awareness on the issues of sustainability.
  • To strengthen the peace process by promoting higher education and labor market inclusion opportunities for internally displaced populations in the new Master’s degree curricula, as well as to build local capacities through training activities and support inter and intra community dialogue.
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