New UCI Courses in Regenerative Development Applied to Tourism

New UCI Courses in Regenerative Development Applied to Tourism

maestriaUCI New UCI Courses in Regenerative Development Applied to Tourism

UCI launches a new curriculum focused on regenerative development applied to tourism.

The University for International Cooperation in collaboration with the STOREM +E Project has taught a new curricular content on regenerative development and the construction of tourism products and services with a regenerative approach in the Professional Certificate of Regenerative Development applied to tourism.

Since 2020, UCI has participated as a partner in the STOREM +E Project (Sustainable Tourism & Optimal Resource Management), whose objective is the creation of new master’s degrees in tourism and updating the curricular framework of master’s degrees already in force in countries of Europe, Latin America and Caribbean.

The first part of the certificate focuses on regenerative development as an agent of change and tourism innovation, with a systemic vision that starts from the identification of the root or causes of degradation problems, the dynamic interrelation of elements, understanding their potential impacts and promoting the generation of profits.

The second part of the certificate is oriented towards the construction of tourist products and services of an experiential nature, which aims to systemically design and implement holistic tourist experiences, which connect the motivations of current and replacement generations, with the interests of the actors. places, as well as with nature and with oneself.

To date, 42 people have taken the certificate, among them 28 students of the Master’s Degree in Sustainable Tourism Management (generations MGTS-22, MGTS-23 and MGTS-24) from Latin America, mainly from Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Argentina and Costa Rica.

The evaluation of the certificate has been successful and the students agree that the curriculum not only enriches professional knowledge, but also affects the personal; and they have seen the need to manage tourism beyond sustainability.

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