Project Methodology

Implementation of the STOREM project is based on 5 work packages focused on the project’s Preparation, Development, Quality Control & Monitoring, Dissemination & Exploitation, and Management. Each of these work packages consists of a set of activities, listed below:


  • Review of current curricula and practices in the EU and the Caribbean
  • Assessment of environmental issues and existing policies in Caribbean partner countries
  • Analysis of current training paths and needs in Caribbean partner countries
  • Development of an approach to integrate IDP students in Colombian HEI programs


  • Design of curriculum and courses of the STOREM pathway
  • Process of national approval for new Master’s programs
  • Setting-up E-Learning platforms for online information, tools and resources at HEIs
  • BBuilding University – Enterprise – Local Administration partnerships
  • Establishing observatories on sustainable tourism and environmental protection at HEIs

Quality Control and Monitoring

  • Definition of a quality framework
  • Implementation of quality assurance control processes
  • Generation of project quality reports


  • Development of a dissemination strategy
  • Construction of a project website
  • Production of public outreach materials


  • Coordination of meetings
  • Formation of the project management committees
  • Set-up of an online document collaboration environment
  • Financial administration
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