Unidad de Planificación y Desarrollo (COLOMBIA)

Lisa Presciani: coordinador@updcolombia.com
Matteo Bellinzas: director@updcolombia.com

The Development and Planning Unit (UPD) is a social enterprise based in Santa Marta, Colombia, that aims to empower social initiatives through sustainable development. UPD implements courses in the planning, development and management of projects while also fostering international cooperation between European and Colombian institutions. Its project activities are focused on the themes of sustainable development, environment, indigenous rights and cultural preservation, as well as peace and human rights. In the STOREM project, UPD has a strategic role in bridging the gap between communities, industry and academia, offering insights and practical knowledge about the communitarian contexts, territorial issues and practical sectoral requirements. UPD leads the project activities aimed at promoting the academic enrollment of vulnerable populations, such as internally displaced populations, and building partnerships between universities, enterprises and local administrations.

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