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Universidad para la Cooperación Internacional (COSTA RICA)
Faculty of Environment and Development
Master’s in Management and Sustainable Tourism
Allan Valverde Blanco:

The University for International Cooperation (UCI) is a non-traditional university that promotes regenerative development through holistic approaches that integrate environment, society, economy, policy, governance, culture, and spirituality to develop innovative solutions for a better future in a complex and rapidly changing world. Sin 1994, it has been a pioneer institution in online training and education strategies, with students and graduates from over 55 countries and professors from 15 countries. UCI’s academic programs are conceptualized using an interdisciplinary approach to address complex socio-ecological and economic issues, including the first online Master’s program in Sustainable Tourism Management. This program is being updated with a set of new courses and learning materials as part of the STOREM Project. UCI also leads the project’s activities to build partnerships between universities, enterprises and local administrations as well as to develop Observatories on Sustainable Tourism and Environmental Protection.

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