#ErasmusDays Webinar: New STOREM Curricula

#ErasmusDays Webinar: New STOREM Curricula

piezawebnar2 #ErasmusDays Webinar: New STOREM Curricula

On Friday, October 16th, 2020, the STOREM project held a webinar to present new Master’s curricula developed by 5 universities in the Latin American and Caribbean in the field of sustainable tourism and environmental management. Hosted by Marko Tosic of EAFIT University in Medellín, Colombia, the discussion brought together the expertise of project partners in Barbados, Colombia, and Costa Rica, including Allan Valverde (UCI), Alfonso Lara Quesada (UNA), Catrina Hinds (UWI), Juan Felipe Paniagua (EAFIT) and Marla Maestre (UniMagdalena).

Following an introduction video about the STOREM project, the discussion was formatted to showcase a brief presentation by each invited speaker about the content, applications and importance of each of the new Master’s programs and courses developed at each university. An intriguing discussion period followed, including such questions as: What are the student profiles anticipated for enrollment in these new programs? How can vulnerable populations, such as internally displaced persons, access these programs? How do universities approach the cross-over between science and business with regards to tourism as an educational theme? How can approaches to regenerative development be incorporated into new curricula? How will the changes caused by the pandemic affect the themes of educational programs?

To find out more, the recorded video is available on YouTube and the STOREM website:

More information:

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