Conference on tourism during pandemic times at UniMagdalena

Conference on tourism during pandemic times at UniMagdalena

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Identifying the impact that the sanitary emergency has had on tourism and hospitality, the University of Magdalena carried out the conference “Mitigation Plan for Hospitality during the COVID-19 period through its Tourism Management Program”, directed by Iván Restrepo Restrepo, hotelier, manager and speaker, with more than 45 years of experience in Hospitality and Tourism.

Professor Humberto Calabria Arrieta, director of the Tourism programs at UniMagdalena, highlighted the positive outcomes of the activity:

“The conference was held in very simple language by the speaker Iván Restrepo, who made the audience aware of very important sections on how to create a Mitigation Plan for the negative effects of COVID-19 on hospitality in general (…) They analyzed points such as the marketing strategy, customer loyalty, understanding them in this time of crisis and how not to decrease the budgets that are available for the marketing of hotel companies”.

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