Colombia, the destinations of hope

Colombia, the destinations of hope

IMAGEN 16423626 2 Colombia, the destinations of hope

Unexplored jungles, lonely beaches, mountains of all shapes and colors, seas, lakes and lagoons. Virgin nature. Colombia still has many hidden paradises or better, well-kept secrets. Places that for decades have remained hidden, inaccessible and, in many cases, punished by the rigors of war. But that unfortunate reality was in the past and today are destinations that are flourishing before the world.

For several months, a team of journalists from EL TIEMPO, in alliance with the airline Satena and with several regional tour operators, toured the most remote and beautiful places in Colombia, which we present in this multimedia special.

From the thick jungles that merge with an emerald-colored sea in Chocó, passing through the soaring waterfalls at the End of the World in Putumayo, to the mysterious Cerros de Mavecure, in Guainía. From the most beautiful river in the world in Caño Cristales to the beaches, waterfalls and banana crops of the Antioquia Urabá. From the enigmatic Lost City of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta to the inhospitable peaks of Cocuy. These and other Colombian paradises are part of a journalistic special that invites us to dream, travel and discover our wonders.

They are the destinations of hope, where the communities have understood that tourism is the best tool for development, sustenance, employment, progress and social inclusion; a tool to hold on to their territories and conserve all their biodiversity. These are the places that would help to consolidate Colombia as a first-class international destination if peace is signed between the Government and the FARC.

Although there is still a lot to improve in terms of infrastructure, services and connectivity, we can now go to enjoy these Colombian paradises. In fact, tourism in these regions grows every day and, coincidentally, more foreigners visit them. They already have security, accommodations and all the tourist services necessary to provide a memorable stay, and the communities are ready to welcome us.

Welcome to the new tourist and natural map of Colombia.

Source: El Tiempo

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