STOREM Project kicks off with partner meeting in Barbados

STOREM Project kicks off with partner meeting in Barbados


Activities of the STOREM project were officially launched with a kick-off meeting at the University of the West Indies (UWI) Cave Hill Campus on the Caribbean island of Barbados, 11-16 Feb. 2019. The meeting brought together for the first time the project partners from UNICA, UPVM, UWI, EAFIT, UniMagdalena, UCI, UTUR and UPD. This meeting was the starting point for all participants to bring about a common understanding of the project aims and objectives, with clearly defined time-scales of the activities and their defined responsibilities. Day 1 began with a press conference with local news, TV and radio, and presentations on behalf of the project and local government officials. Following sessions covered general introductions, the capacity building action of Erasmus+, and a review of the project’s timeline, objectives, main outputs and deliverables. The project’s work packages and budget were reviewed, and detailed plans for the activities and responsibilities of project’s first year were established. Plans for mitigating risks were outlined and addressed and the project’s Steering Committee and Work Package Leaders Committee were convened.


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