Inauguration of the UNA Master’s Program and Closure of the STOREM Project

Inauguration of the UNA Master’s Program and Closure of the STOREM Project

Nicoya Inauguration of the UNA Master's Program and Closure of the STOREM Project

The National University (UNA) of Costa Rica and the Sustainable Tourism, Optimal Resource Management and Environment (STOREM) project co-financed by the ERASMUS+ program of the European Union, held an event for the inauguration of the Master’s Program in Tourism and Sustainable Development and the Closure of the STOREM Project; which took place on November 02 and 03, 2022 at the National University, Chorotega Regional Headquarters, Nicoya Campus, Costa Rica.

These events are part of a series of activities that the STOREM project that were held in the region from November 1 to 5. Highlighted activities include:

  • Inauguration of the Master’s in Tourism and Sustainable Development: Lectures on the relevance of postgraduate courses in tourism and sustainable development, the implementation of the master’s program, and presentations by master’s students.
  • Closure of the STOREM project: Presentation of the main achievements of the project partners and development of synergies between academia and the public and private sectors.

The activities were carried out in person with the participation of professors, researchers, representatives of organizations and master’s students, among others, which includes: master conferences, oral presentations and workshops. In addition, there was the participation of partner professors from the European Union and members of the STOREM project from Colombia and Barbados.

Alfonso Lara, an academic from the UNA Chorotega Regional Headquarters and a member of the organizing team, indicated “the main objective of these activities is to disseminate project resources, results, share progress, lessons learned, best practices, and allow greater collaboration. for content development and sharing of learning resources.

The activities for the inauguration of the master’s degree and the closing of the project were open to the general public at the Chorotega Regional Headquarters, Nicoya Campus on November 2 and 3, starting at 9:00 am.


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