Journalism and Podcast Course

Journalism and Podcast Course

IMG modulo podcast Journalism and Podcast Course

The Podcast has taken a leading role in modern post-pandemic life since it is a piece of communication that allows people of all kinds, with interests of different nature, whether personal or business, to connect, from anywhere and at the chosen time.

There are all kinds of topics and formats, they can be found from monologues performed by specialists who generally present results of their own research or others, there are also made up of guests who chat informally about specific topics enriching the conversation with the contributions of the interviewees. Taking into account that its dissemination is done through the internet, it can reach all corners of the world on dates and times chosen by listeners, who can access them in general for free. Another advantage of this production format is the availability in time, you can listen as many times as you want even after its original broadcast, as it is available on the network indefinitely.

The podcast can be used as a piece for the promotion of tourist destinations expanding the possibility to audiences that although they can not travel to the destination can make trips hand in hand with the audios.

The Podcast is available to all people, is broad spectrum and requires an initial investment after which it will remain as a promotional piece available permanently.

On the other hand, after COVID, people in general adopted this format as an option for information, entertainment, learning and to travel without leaving home; being similar in characteristics to radio, which has remained in force for so many years, the Podcast is updating audio formats becoming undoubtedly one of the preferences of today’s world.
Taking into account the work done in San Javier de la Sierra, we consider that making a Podcast that allows the promotion of the experiences already developed by the locals and that are already available to be offered to travelers, it will complement the commercial strategy in an unparalleled way in the destination offer.

These practices were carried out in May 2022 with a VIRTUAL workshop on “PODCAST construction”, in collaboration with the San Javier school aimed at preadolescents, adolescents and teachers. The objective is to teach how to use the podcast tool to promote the territory and strengthen digital skills.

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