Book Presentation Event at UNA Nicoya Campus

Book Presentation Event at UNA Nicoya Campus

Book launch UNA Book Presentation Event at UNA Nicoya Campus

Members of the STOREM UNA team Juan Carlos Picón and Esteban Barboza, along with guest speaker Neptalí Monterroso, professor at the Mexico State Autonomous University, introduced the book Sustainable development and tourism in Mesoamerica and the Caribbean: notes for the Orientation of Graduate Studies. The activity was moderated by Professor Laura Obando, also a member of the UNA STOREM team. The event took place on May 10th, at the UNA Nicoya Campus.

The book includes much of the previous research conducted by the UNA team prior to the design and approval of the master’s program in tourism and sustainable development, one of the main products of STOREM. Much of research includes sustainable development, theory and epistemology of tourism, identification of study lines in tourism, and recommendations for the practice of sustainable tourism in the region.

Neptalí Monterroso, one of the guest speakers in the activity, is also featured in the book in an interview on the role of universities in tourism and local development.

The book is a joint collaboration among the four members of UNA STOREM team, that is, Juan Carlos Picón, Esteban Barboza, Laura Obando and Alfonso Lara.


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