International STOREM Workshop held at UPVM in Montpellier, France

International STOREM Workshop held at UPVM in Montpellier, France

Montepellier Storem

From 8th to 12th July 2019, University Paul Valéry in Montpellier hosted the workshop “Strategic Tourism, Resource Management and Hospitality Planning Workshop”, welcoming 24 participants from each institute involved in the STOREM project.

Thanks to the financing from the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, the project aims to implement new Master’s curricula on the subject of sustainable tourism and environmental management at 5 higher education institutes in the Caribbean: EAFIT and UniMagdalena (Colombia), UCI and UNA (Costa Rica), and UWI (Barbados).

The workshop was conceived as a place for the partners to identify the most relevant topics and courses to be implemented in the design of the curricula for the new master programs and the update of the existing ones. During this week, all involved institutions contributed some important ideas towards the objectives, such as the need for interdisciplinary programs and a more holistic approach (to define “sustainability” in the master’s programs not only with the ecological aspect but also with social, cultural and economic aspects), the necessity to take into account local communities’ and local stakeholders’ needs, to define students’ profiles and to find a balance between theory and practice.

The workshop was also the occasion to discuss and analyze results from the previous activities from Work Package 1 (Preparation): the current practices of sustainable tourism and resource management in the diverse Caribbean context and the level of awareness of environmental protection issues. The post-conflict situation in Colombia was also discussed to include the IDP and vulnerable people.

Finally, the workshop allowed Universidad de Cagliari (UNICA) and UPVM to present their master programs in sustainability, resource management and tourism and some external experts to discuss observatories on Sustainable Tourism and Environmental Protection which will be used in the STOREM project for teaching, research, policy evaluation and in order to keep a high level of awareness on the issues of sustainability.

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